Frank Farkas  has over 20 years of music industry experience  started working for Madame Blue productions, promoting bands at Hotel Nelson in the mid 1970's, Lou Reed was part of the artist produced. Also the  local bands from Montreal, that is where  the Band "Heavy Feather" featuring Dan Bigras ,got there start. The Hotel Nelson started  the punk era with Montreal's punk bands. .... Later got involved producing  artist for dance labels  I.C.Records, T G O Records,    V V records... Carol Jiani  -hit and run lover #3 on the Billboard dance charts World wide . Starting his own booking agency in the early ’80s Called “Cite Productions”.  Loni Gamble (X-Stylistics), Beau Guest -on CBS , Rational Youth-EMI, Joy rider and the Avis Davis band(indi),  Deja Voodo( indi), Beatles  Mania,  Glamour,   Riopel ,      39 Steps ,   Chilliwack (for Quebec)  Tchukon. Out of the blue management -Riopel,  Pierre Dorion  , Der Kinky Foxx- hits- Sorry ,  So different .    Some of the acts already under DF – Artist Mgmt. include : Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs out of  Texas, USA. Mosquito B- Quebec city, Canada  Riopel-  from Montreal, Quebec, Canada